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Eco-Innovation Policies for Internationalisation

Research suggests that innovative companies are more likely to export and that exporting innovators are more productive and show better economic performance than non-exporters. This is particularly true for industries with high innovation intensity in technologically advanced countries. Since domestic markets tend to be too small and niche, it also indicates that eco-innovative companies need to internationalise their economic activities to reap the rewards of their innovation efforts.

To accelerate eco-innovation policies and to implement concrete policy measures on the internationalisation of eco-innovative products and services, the ECOPOL project makes recommendations for the deployment of eco-innovative policies and puts a set of pilot actions in motion.

The ECOPOL consortium welcomes dialogue, contributions and feedback from interested stakeholders.



Over 200 good eco-innovation practice...

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Recommendations for better eco-innova...

As aresult of ECOPOL project each partner country prepared policy recommendations

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Good practice case studies of internationalisation

Best practices of internationalisation of eco-innovative SMEs collected from the partner countries